Africa Is Now 2019

Nelson Mandela Monument Amsterdam NLTIMES, 2019

Land Of Zanj: Leaving The Echo Chamber ARTNEWS, 2019

Land of Zanj ART AFRICA 2019

Material metaphor and the black body  BBQ Magazine, 2018

Statement addressing Social Media allegations against Mohau Modisakeng 

NATURE BOY, opening address for LEFA LA NTATE by Prof Hlonipha Mokoena

Standing at the cross roads: Towards an inclusive South African History of art. Churchill Madikida, Rhodes University

The South African Pavilion / 57th la Biennale de Venezia

The Venice Biennale’s 11 Best Pavilions,, 2017

Despite Obstacles, African Countries Shine at the Venice Biennale,, 2017

Download full Ditaola catalogue

For South African artist, self portraits reflect life, history, St.Louis Public Radio, 2016

30 Emerging Artists to Watch This Spring,, 2016

Where the sun sets, Frieze magazine, 2016

Mohau Modisakeng, 2016

Inzilo, South African Pavillion, 2015

Throwing the Bones, Cape Times, 2014

Feathers unfurl, steel surrounds, Mail & Guardian, 2014

Artist Mohau Modisakeng: Probing Subliminal Violence, Africa is a Country, 2014

Ditaola, Artthrob, 2014

The Quiet Violence of Dreams, City Press, 2014

Next Chapter: Mohau Modisakeng on investigating the impact of cultural histories on contemporary society, Another Africa, 2014

Meet Mohau, Visi, 2013